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Chris’s Articles By CategoryMarch 25th, 2008

Welcome to my blog article library. You can skip to my “best of” list of what I see as my most helpful and informative articles, or view a list of my articles by category. I hope you find this section useful, and I welcome your feedback on how I can organize this content to better serve you. — Best, Chris

Article Categories:
Career Satisfaction and Transition
Overcoming Fear
Overcoming Negativity
Productivity (New)

Best Of

Creativity and Boundary-Setting, Part 2: The Limits of Responsibility
Why I Don’t Force Myself To Be Happy
Seeing Your Way Of Seeing
Are You In Permanent “Crisis Mode”?
The Joy of Listening, Part 1: Overcoming the Barriers
The Crap Is The Gold: Embracing Suffering
Allowing Versus Rumination
The Power Of Silent Conversation
To Feel Inspired, Focus On What You’re Giving

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Career Satisfaction and Transition
These articles are about finding, and developing the courage and focus, to pursue your true calling—whether it involves changing your current career, or making the most out of the one you’re involved in.

Relationship With Self Creates Relationship With Work
Beyond the “Elevator Pitch”
“Authentic Marketing,” Part 5: A Personal Share
“Authentic Marketing,” Part 4: An Awareness-Building Exercise
“Authentic Marketing,” Part 3: I Can Read Your Mind
“Authentic Marketing,” Part 2: On Actually Caring About People
Thoughts on the Ideal Workplace
“Work You Love,” Part 2: How Vulnerable Are You Willing To Be?
Why We Don’t Really Want “Work We Love”
Thoughts on “Authentic Marketing”
Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth
Job Interviewing From Within (Part One)
Don’t Wait To Do Your “Real Work,” Part II: Finding Real Security
Career Transitions For Lawyers (Part Two)
Career Transitions For Lawyers (Part One)
Are You Really “Trapped,” Part Three: Do You Have The “Right” To Pursue Your Goals?
Book Review: What Color Is Your Parachute?, by Richard Nelson Bolles (Part Two)
Book Review: What Color Is Your Parachute?, by Richard Nelson Bolles (Part One)
Are You Really “Trapped,” Part Two: Facing The “Fear Of Freedom”
The Conventional Career “Wisdom” Isn’t So Wise
Don’t Wait To Do Your “Real Work”
Unfreezing: Managing Career Anxiety
How To Stop Work From Feeling Like Work
Meeting Our “Disowned Selves” In The Workplace (Published in ChangingMinds)
Do You Have The “Personality” For The Career You Want?
Does The Career You Want “Make You Uncomfortable”?
Would You “Survive” A Career Change?
Are You Really “Trapped”?
Do You Need To “Justify” Your Choices In Life?

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These articles are about various approaches to stimulating your creativity and imagination, and getting out of any temporary rut you may have fallen into.

What Would You Create If No One Could See It?
Creativity and Boundary-Setting, Part 2: The Limits of Responsibility
Creativity and Boundary-Setting
The Benefits of Blankness
The Gift of Boredom
Why It’s Great To Want Attention
The Inside Really Does Create The Outside
How “Negative Emotions” Can Fuel Your Creativity
Let Go Of Responsibility For Your Ideas
3 Ways To Use Absurdity To Enhance Creativity
To Be Creative, Let Go Of Your Identity
To Be Creative, Step Beyond The Survival Mindset
To Feel Inspired, Focus On What You’re Giving
Is Your Creativity “Arrogant”?
Get “Emotional” To Get Creative

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Sometimes, finding happiness in life is more about simply giving yourself permission to be happy, and becoming more willing to accept who you are, than seeking something more in the outside world. This is what the exercises described in the following articles are about.

Growing Into Our Humanity, Part 3: The Myth of the “Ego-Free Project”

We Don’t Need To “Earn” Who We Are
Growing Into Our Humanity, Part 2: The Myth of the “Bulletproof Life”
Growing Into Our Humanity
Seeing Life As A Celebration
Nothing Really Matters — Anyone Can See
Why I’m Back In Love With My Head
Why I Don’t Force Myself To Be Happy
10 Motivational Metal Masterpieces
How To Want Less Stuff
10 Mega-Inspirational Songs (With Tons of Bonus Tracks)
Everyone Has Different Places To Grow
How To Separate “Real” Wants From “Should” Wants (Guest Article at Dumb Little Man)
Finishing With The “Finish Line Mentality”
Too Smart To Be Happy: How We Get Attached To Negativity
Learning To Let Life In

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These articles discuss exercises for becoming more focused on what you’re doing in the present moment, and letting go of ruminating about the past or dreaming up negative future scenarios. These practices are intended to increase both your emotional health and your productivity.

20 Powerful Self-Awareness Questions
What You Focus On Relaxes
Interview With Robin Easton, Author of Naked In Eden
Spiritual Bypassing, Part 3: Emotions Are Like Unidentifiable Veggies
Spiritual Bypassing, Part 2: Blind Compassion and Compassionate Anger
Book Review: Spiritual Bypassing, by Robert Augustus Masters
When Meditation Gets “Hard,” Part 2: Letting Go of “Experience-Chasing”
Allowing Versus Rumination
Taking Back Your Self-Control
Escaping The “Action Distraction” Trap
How Meditation Increases Productivity
Guest Article at The Change Blog: What To Do When Meditation Gets “Hard”
Finding Quality Time With Yourself
How To Get Comfortable With An Empty Mind (Guest Article At The Positivity Blog)
How To Build Confidence By Just Paying Attention (posted at Urban Monk)
Projections, Part II: How Our Judgments Of Others Can Teach Us About Ourselves
Learning To Listen To Our Inner Wisdom (posted at The Change Blog)
Spiritual Practice For “Realists”
Are Your “Projections” Limiting Your Success? (published at The Urban Monk)
Thoughts On Conscious Suffering

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Overcoming Fear
We all have fears and anxieties that hold us back in various areas of our lives. This section is about coming to terms with and transcending those fears.

What Gives You The Right To Say That?
It’s About Choice, Not Courage
A Simple But Life-Changing Question: Are You In Danger?
The Trouble With Modesty
How To Escape The “Chicken Or Egg” Mentality
Getting To The “Heart” Of Public Speaking Anxiety
Your Fears Aren’t That Original
Are You In Permanent “Crisis Mode”?
What’s Really Holding You Back: “Morality” Or Anxiety?
Do You Distrust Others, Or Just Yourself?
Simplifying Your Fears, Part Three: Transcend Your Boundaries
Simplifying Your Fears, Part Two: Owning Our Disowned Energies
Getting Comfortable With “Selling Yourself”
Simplifying Your Fears

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Overcoming Negativity
Most of us, for better or worse, also have beliefs about, or images of, ourselves that limit our ability to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives. These articles deal with dissolving these mental limitations and freeing ourselves to pursue our true callings.

Self-Honesty and Self-Love
The Crap Is The Gold: Embracing Suffering
On Playing To Our Weaknesses
Calling Out Our Doubts
Letting Go Of Seeking The Peak
Self-Love Isn’t Narcissism
Where’s The Outrage? Not Here.
Seeing Your Way of Seeing
How Looking In The Mirror Can Change Your Life
Book Review: The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, by Debbie Ford
Thoughts For When We Feel “Insignificant”
Reframing “Why Am I Doing This?”
What To Do When Affirmations “Don’t Work”
The World Is In Your Stomach, Part Two: The Essential Breath
How Your Darkest Secret Can Empower You (published at The Change Blog)
How To Stop Replaying Old Arguments (published at The Positivity Blog)
The World Is In Your Stomach
The Power Of Admitting Where You’re At (posted at The Change Blog)
Five Reasons To Be Grateful For “Difficult People” In Your Life
Loving Your Ego

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These articles are about finding more productivity in what you do from a mindful/spiritual perspective.

Embracing Writer’s Block, Part 5: Emptiness Is Fleeting
Embracing Writer’s Block, Part 4: We’re Creative In Every Moment
Embracing Writer’s Block, Part 3: The Creative Test of Faith
Embracing Writer’s Block, Part 2: Content Needs Emptiness
Work Consciously Audio Course Now Available
Sample From the Work Consciously Audio Course
The Yoga of Productivity, Part 2: Awareness and Allowing
3 Ways to Reduce Email-Related Suffering
The Yoga of Productivity
Productivity And “Pushing The Moment”
Inner Productivity And Startup Businesses
“Me Time,” “Them Time,” And The Big Picture
Why Worry Doesn’t Work
A Spiritual Solution to Writer’s Block
How Getting Used To Silence Can Help Your Productivity (Guest Post at The Change Blog)
Your Inner Productivity Questions Answered
You Don’t “Have To” Do Anything
Videos of My Recent “Transcending Procrastination” Talk
Is There Such A Thing As “Boring” Work?
Inner Productivity, Part V: Breathing Through Our Fear
Inner Productivity, Part IV: Some Exercises For Self-Listening
Inner Productivity, Part III: Listening To Ourselves
Inner Productivity, Part II: Reuniting “Work” And “Life”
3 Keys To Developing “Inner Productivity” (posted at The Change Blog)
4 Lessons Babies Can Teach Us About Productivity
How To Make An Audio CD Program On A Budget (Part Two)
How To Make An Audio CD Program On A Budget (Part One)
The Waiting Mindset: A Mindful Productivity Tool
A New Perspective On Procrastination, Part II: Dropping Your “Procrastination Persona”
Are You Overworked, Or Just Afraid To Delegate?
A New Perspective On Procrastination (Published in ChangingMinds)

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These articles are about creating more joyful and enriching interactions with anyone—not just in the context of intimate relationships, although I do talk a bit about that.

Let’s Just Admit We’re Empaths
Why I Like Vulnerable Writing
Each Person Is A Prism, Part 2: Valentine’s Day Edition
Being Angry And “Being Spiritual”
Finding Compassion Through Selfishness
A Real Man Keeps It To Himself?
Letting Ourselves Be Seen
Confidence Versus A “Confident Image”
You Do Have An Impact
537 Ways to “Make” People Do What You Want Today!
The Myth of “Toxic People”
The Joy of Listening, Part 5: There Are No Rules, Only Requests
Bringing Humanity Into Networking
The Joy of Listening, Part 4: Setting Boundaries
The Joy of Listening, Part 3: Staying Empathic
The Joy of Listening, Part 2: Empathic Reflection
The Joy of Listening, Part 1: Overcoming the Barriers
The Power Of Silent Conversation, Part Two: Calling A Truce In The “War Of Words”
The Power Of Silent Conversation
Why Personal Development Should Focus More On Human Relationships (published at Pick The Brain)
A Key Distinction That Helps Us Say “No”
Attention Is The Best Rapport-Builder (Published in ChangingMinds)
Are You Shaking Hands “The Right Way”?
Are You “Shy” Or Just Afraid of Feelings?
Where’s Your “Emotion License”? (Published in EdgeLife)
Assumption-Free Conversation
The Show Must Not Go On: Should We Rehearse For Conversations? (published in Balance Magazine)

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